Areas of Expertise

These are the areas in which our clinic excels, our areas of expertise- reflective of our dedication to ongoing continuing education, training, and higher skill levels, therefore providing a more comprehensive, effective treatment and outcomes for our clients. This is by no means the only conditions our physiotherapists treat. For other areas treated in our clinic please visit our list of common conditions on the home page.


The Shoulder & Elbow Physiotherapists of Australia (SEPA) is the elite special interest physiotherapy group at the forefront of research, evidence based protocol development, education and management of shoulder and elbow conditions. Our clinic boasts the only member of this group on the Mid North Coast, and as such is a major reference centre for the region and responsible for the development of post-operative regimes. Faye has received international recognition for her research into the shoulder as a published academic on the condition known as ‘Frozen Shoulder’. We have included the article here for your interest.

What Role Does the Sympathetic Nervous System Play in the Development or Ongoing Pain of Adhesive Capsulitis

Hand Injuries

With the only internationally recognised US based HTCC Certified Hand Therapist (Faye) between Newcastle and the Gold Coast, as well as two members of the Australian Hand Therapy Association  (Faye -Full Member and Sean - Associate Member), our training and experience draws referrals from Hand Surgeons Australia wide, providing Mid North Coast residents with local skilled and experienced hand therapy following trauma or surgical interventions. We are passionate about treatment for even ‘minor’ injuries such as fractures or dislocations of the fingers or wrist sprains, as without early intervention these can result in protracted rehabilitation or persistent deformity that heavily impacts upon participation and engagement in activities of daily living. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

Back and Neck Pain

Our clinic conducts a comprehensive examination to establish the underlying cause of your discomfort- in our experience pain can often be caused from weakness or stiffness of a distant muscle group or joint. We aim for effective treatment in addition to long term control for your particular complaint. Most people have heard of the deep core trunk muscles [often the target of pilates programs] and work hard to strengthen them. However sometimes it is the timing that is out, not the strength. Latest research has shown the anticipatory timing and co-activation of the deep core muscles (transversus abdominus, pelvic floor, multifidus) and the superficial muscles (obliques, rectus abdominus) become disrupted with back pain. Our Real Time Ultrasound Imaging allows you to see how you are activating your deep vs superficial abdominals so as to correctly retrain the firing pattern and establish long term spinal stability- powerful muscles aren’t any good if they are firing too late! Similarly, headaches and chronic neck pain also respond to strengthening of deep muscles in the neck.

Chronic pain states are sometimes actually driven by the brain in an attempt to ‘protect’ you from further harm, resulting in what’s called ‘Central Sensitisation’. Our clinic incorporates the latest science of ‘retraining your brain’ in your home exercise routine which assists many sufferers of chronic back and neck pain, sciatica or various nerve injuries.

back and neck
Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

Our team has worked in close association with Orthopaedic Surgeons on the Coffs Coast for over 22 years. During this time we have assisted thousands of members of the local community prepare for surgery and regain their strength and mobility following knee and hip replacements. We develop and regularly update our post-operative regimes to maximize your outcomes, and our experience results in earlier identification and management of any possible complications should they arise. Within the clinic tailored group exercise joint replacement classes are a unique service conducted personally by our physiotherapists.  Following discharge from acute post-op treatment, these provide the opportunity to regain lost strength, balance and mobility that often deteriorate with the degenerative nature of joint arthritis, thus helping you get back to your pre-condition leisure activities sooner and with greater confidence- giving you back control of your life!

Joint Replacement Rehabilitation
Unloader Knee Braces Coffs Neuro Physio

If your pain from osteoarthritis is predominately on one side of your knee, then this brace may be a non-surgical option to control your symptoms. The Unloader is a lightweight and easy to use option for the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee. Wearing of the splint can delay the need for a full joint replacement. This innovative knee brace has been clinically proven to decrease pain, improve function and reduce the usage of pain medications. With improved mobility you can return to those activities you previously enjoyed but avoid now due to knee pain. Our clinic is the supplier and fitter for these on the Mid North Coast.


Neurological Physiotherapy

Residents of the MNC with neurological conditions now no longer need to travel outside the region for expert assessment and treatment. Experienced, skilled neuro physiotherapy is available either in the clinic or as home visits for a wide variety of neurological conditions. Those suffering from Parkinson’s disease, stroke and brain injury, spinal cord injury, Multiple Sclerosis and other progressive neurological conditions can be assisted to achieve their personal goals and realise their full potential. Coffs Neuro Physio is the only local provider of PD Warrior - a program for newly diagnosed Parknson's disease which has been clinically proven to slow progression of the disease. 



Unloader Knee Braces