Professional Development

Passionate about our professional pledge to deliver the highest quality of care to all our clients, drives us to continually keep abreast of the latest Best Practice and Evidenced Based treatments.  We continue to tally an impressive range of clinical education courses every year.

In addition to all the weekends staff give up to attend these courses, upgrading our knowledge and skills, there are many evenings spent interacting with webinars given by specialists in their field covering a variety of topics. Our weekly in-services also allow us to share newfound skills and latest research. 
And why do we do it? Because we love our career and thrive on achieving great outcomes for you! Not sure we can help? You are welcome to ring and speak to one of our physio's first. 

• International Hand Surgeon & Therapists Conference   Buenos Aires 2016 • International Shoulder & Elbow Conference Sth Korea   2016
• Australian Hand Therapy Conference 2016 • LJ Lee – The Thoracic Ring Approach
• Advanced Management of Fractures in the Hand • The Sporting Hip & Pelvis 
• Sports Injuries of the Wrist and Hand • New Zealand Hand Therapy Conference
• Advanced Wrist Workshop  • Dr Lewis – UK Shoulder Specialist
• Real Time Ultrasound Retraining of the Shoulder • Management of Lumbar and Cervical Pain
• The Sensitive Nervous System • Graded Motor Imagery 
• Pilates – Level 1-3 • Shoulder and Elbow Physio's Australia Seminar
• Dry Needling for Physiotherapists

• Fundamentals and Advanced Hand Therapy

Faye Wiffen


I am lucky- I fell into a career that became a passion, quite simply I love what I do! The challenge to learn, discover, understand more about the function and interplay of the human body culminated in my returning to university to gain a post-graduate Masters Degree in Manual and Manipulative Therapy in 2000, and be recognised as an APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. My major Masters research was on my favourite joint-the shoulder, which was published internationally in ' Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy" and used as reference for further research.  I then qualified to join the Shoulder and Elbow Physiotherapists of Australia (SEPA), an elite group of physiotherapists highly skilled and experienced in treatment of the shoulder and elbow conditions.

An opportunity next presented to extend and challenge myself profressionally by exploring deeper the complexity of the special interest area of Hand Therapy- literally a Pandora’s box but extremely rewarding when you can return a fully functional hand after severe trauma or injury. After fulfilling the required training and experience I achieved my status as Full Member of the Australian Hand Therapy Association.

This then led to further study, finally sitting the USA based Hand Therapy Certification Commission exam, thus qualifying as a Certifed Hand Therapist (USA) – the only such qualified Therapist between Newcastle and the Gold Coast, saving MNC clients long distance travel to obtain highly skilled attention for any hand or upper limb injuries. 

On a personal level I practice what I preach, being active in kayaking, cycling, bushwalking, gym and of course the garden! I am fitter and stronger now than I was 10 years ago by following simple rules of activity and healthy living. 

My goal is to enable all who have the desire, to age actively. - My journey of discovery is ongoing.

Sean Wiffen

Growing up in Coffs Harbour Sean has always lived a very active lifestyle-basketball, football, surfing, oz tag and gymnasium. He appreciates however that we are all “athletes” to some degree, whether our goal is achieving sporting excellence, setting to work in our gardens, or to just walk the beach painfree. Too often people live with pain and limitation, seeking and gaining only temporary pain relief when desperate. His goal is to uncover the underlying cause and address this, so you regain long term control and freedom in your life.

In his personal quest to extend himself professionally, he is building up an extensive continuing education portfolio, with a major focus on the shoulder and upper limb.

During 2014 Sean travelled to Canada to train in the physiotherapy Nordic ‘whole body’ approach, expanded on by highly respected Canadian Physiotherapist  LJ Lee. LJ Lee's approach is to identify any dysfunction which may be the underlying cause or source of the problem, restore normal function and achieve pain control.

With this knowledge he has assisted many return to full activities stronger than ever. He is experienced in the use of Real Time Utrasound Imaging in retraining the deep trunk core muscles- for acute or chronic low back pain, to improve your peak competitive performance, or for use in the retraining of shoulders following their shoulder surgery. Sean continues to travel internationally to conferences to keep abreast of the latest best evidence practice. 

Over the past 7 years Sean has also been expanding his knowledege and skills in the complex area of Hand Therapy, attending many exclusive Upper Limb/Hand courses and conferences. He is experienced in assessment, diagnosis and management of a wide range of upper limb conditions extending from soft tissue or tendon injuries to fractures to post-operative management and rehab. His full membership of the Australian Hand Therapy Association is pending, which will honour Coffs Shoulder to Hand Clinic as the only clinic between Newcastle and the Gold Coast with two Full Members of the AHTA. 


Tim Robinson

Tim graduated with First Class Honours from University of Newcastle, later joining Coffs Physiotherapy and Backcare in January 2016. Since his 'seachange'  from Tamworth to Coffs,Tim has settled quickly into enjoying all the outdoor  benefits that living in our beautiful city offers.

Tim's experience spans orthopaedic rehab, musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary and neurological physiotherapy. His passion in assisting patients achieve their gaols is evident in the rapid development of his client base since joining our clinic. Tim's skill in 'listening' to what your problem is, combined with his knowledge and experience in assessment and diagnosis translates into efficient and effective treatment geared toward your individual goals. His approach is not only to treat his clients pain, but improve their strength, overall function and prevent ongoing or future secondary problems. 

Tim is skilled in the practice of dry needling, having completed both the Fundamental and Advanced Certificates of Dry Needling, and regularly attends professional development conferences and  practical courses related to physiotherapy.


Amanda Sleeman

Whilst still at university Amanda developed her passion for neuro physiotherapy, and ever since has identified the lack of access to experienced, skilled private neuro physiotherapy across the Mid North Coast. The long distances those with neurological conditions have to travel to access experienced neuro physiotherapy became even more evident whilst Amanda was working at Advance Rehab Centre in Sydney, the largest Private Practice provider of neurological services in New South Wales. The tyranny of distance and costs too often resulting in cessation of treatment earlier than ideal.  

These issues have now been resolved! As a Senior Neurological Physiotherapist with over six years of experience in the field, Amanda has returned home to Coffs to join our clinic and open a new arm:  “Coffs Neuro Physio.”  

 Amanda’s areas of expertise include Parkinson’s disease [including the new clincally proven program PD Warrior for those who are newly diagnosed with Parkinson's disease], stroke and brain injury, spinal cord injury, Multiple Sclerosis, complex gait retraining and other progressive neurological conditions. Her enthusiasm, passion, and innovative approaches shine out to make no goal impossible to explore. 

Most importantly, Amanda thrives on bringing a smile to the faces of her clients and encourages them to work hard towards achieving their goals. Her aim is to ensure that every person with a neurological condition no longer misses out on the opportunity to maximize their potential and live the best life they possibly can.  

PS Amanda's personal goals are to enjoy the less crowded waves of the MNC and her Nordic Walking!